Standing and Special Committees

Please note that members of the Standing Committees are invited to attend all board meetings following all general meetings/programs.

Standing Committees
ExhibitSue Pigman, Co Chair
Margy Metzler, Co-Chair
HospitalitySusan Kinkead
ParliamentarianMarcia Norberg
PublicityKelly Bell
Ways & Means (Ginza)Nancy Peterson, chair; Helen Shavlik , Diane Schmidt, Kathleen Staudinger and Susan Pingleton.
Special Committees 
Email messaging to membership Stephanie English
Flower Arrangers for meetings and luncheon Marcia Connors
Ikebana North American LiaisonStephanie English
Naples Garden ClubKathleen Hawryluk
LibraryCatherine Ware
LuncheonCo-Chair - Maureen Hickey
Co Chair and Demonstrator - Ruth Kern
Registration - Sudie Minamyer
Silent Auction - Kathleen Hawryluk
Anniversary TeaHelen Shavlik and Jessica Tesarik
Website AdministratorStephanie English
WelcomingSunny Boodman - Welcome table
Carol Brocklesby - name tag storage
Summer ActivitiesCarol Brocklesby & Dolores Schweitzer