Silent Auction Arrangements

Please deliver these arrangements no later than 9:00AM the day of the luncheon.  If you are interesting in providing an arrangement for our silent auction, there are still 3-4 containers available from Kathleen.

Please contact  Kathleen Hawryluk, our silent auction chair,  if you wish to add your name to the list below.

Arranger/Container #Arranger/Container #
1-Kristi Perrow14-Available
2-Kristi Perrow15-Kathleen Hawryluk
3-Kasia Petchel16-Dolores Schweitzer
4-Loris Dallal17-Carol Brocklesby
5-Mercy Abrams18-Sudie Minamyer
6-Christy Mintz19-Nancy Flatau
7-Available20-Gail Duke
8-Susan Kinkead21-Sue Pigman
9-Martha Dykman22-Helen Shavlik
10-Marcia Norberg23-Cindy Barnowski
11-Marcia Connors24-Kathleen Staudinger
12-Suzanne Pindyck25-Sunny Boodman
13-Helen Shavlik26-Laurie Dargusch
27-Nancy Peterson