Ginza – Ikebana equipment

As with any art form, you need special equipment for Ikebana flower arranging.  Three times a year we feature a special ginza (shopping) opportunity for our members and guests to purchase much needed supplies for this special art form.

It is important that our membership support the ginza as the profit we make in the ginza goes to support our monthly programs and our exhibit.  As you might expect it takes a lot of effort to bring the ginza to our membership on these three occasions.  Please make an effort to attend these meetings and to support your ginza.  Go ahead, buy a new container – you deserve it!

2020-21 Ginza Dates
  • Stay tuned for details on ways we plan to offer ginza items to our members via Zoom
Think about donating to the ginza –  the legacy for both buyers and sellers….
 Our ginza sales are the best source of used ikebana containers, especially types or styles no longer in production. While the ginza sales certainly benefit our Chapter treasury, there is more to the exchange. 
Sellers are transferring a piece of the past, a legacy of ikebana, to the successful buyers. In that transaction is an overlooked potential. The individual who previously owned the container may have stories about it, knowledge of places it has been, arrangements it held, that could be shared. Knowing such information will add extra meaning to the buyer, enriching their future arranging experiences.
To those of you who are downsizing your cherished collection, please, before the next ginza,  take the time to record your memories and experiences. A simple slip of paper that accompanies your containers and equipment will transfer a unique legacy to the happy purchaser of your items.
So as you consider what to sell, as you assemble your treasures, please search your memories to try to supply all the details about the them. Anything you can provide will add dimension to the sale. Where was it purchased? When? From whom? Perhaps it was used in special demonstrations or exhibits? Was it borrowed to be used by a visiting master? What sorts of arrangements did you use it for? By passing forward your recollections and information, you will be sharing vicariously in the happy experiences of the next Ikebana student who will remember not only the facts you supplied but will remember with pleasure the exchange of memories.  What a beautiful legacy you will have created.

If you have containers and other Ikebana supplies that you would like to donate to the ginza (sometimes we buy them), please contact Nancy Peterson.

Ikebana teachers – if there are particular items you would like the ginza to carry for your students, please contact Nancy Peterson.

The ginza can always use your donations of shopping bags, bubble wrap and Ikebana magazines!