Exhibitor Information

Follow these important steps to enter your Ikebana arrangement into the exhibit 

  • See list below for when your school is scheduled to have their arrangements critiqued, photographed and placed
  • Click here for hostess instructions
  • Click here to download and print a copy of the instructions below

Prior to the exhibit and no later than January 29- 

  1. Sign up to work on a committee.  Everyone who puts an arrangement in the exhibit is kindly asked to serve on a committee if they are physically able.  
  2. Be sure you have paid in advance for you and your guests to attend the Preview Party
  3. Register your intent to exhibit –
    • A miniature with Kasia Petchel
    • A full sized arrangement with your respective school sensei. They will in turn see that your information for your identification card is provided to Mercy Abrams. Please copy (TBA) on your correspondence to Mercy regarding your schools’ arrangements.

On set up day – Thursday, February 4

  1. Arrive at the pre-set time (listed below) for your school to have  their arrangements critiqued, photographed and placed.  See schedule at bottom of this page.  It is important that you arrive between the appointed hours in order that we have enough room to work in the “arranging room” and that the photography flows smoothly with minimal back ups. If you come earlier than your schools’ pre assigned time, please do not bring your arrangement or equipment into the arranging room until your school is scheduled to be in that room.
  2. You may park in the loading area, but you MUST move your car before working on your arrangement.  Click here to download a map of where to go and unload your arrangement.
  3. Your sensei will provide you with a registration number that will also be used to get your place in line for photographing your arrangement(s).
  4. Have your arrangement critiqued by your sensei.
  5. After you have been critiqued, seek out (TBA) for handling the photography of your arrangement. Minis will be photographed at the end after all full sized arrangements have been photographed. There is a special table set aside to place your mini to be photographed at the appropriate time.
  6. After your arrangement(s) has been photographed, place them anywhere on your respective schools’ assigned tables and place your equipment and extra materials under the table.  Be sure your name is on EVERYTHING!  You must wait until your full sized arrangement(s) is photographed. Please do not expect your sensei or those working the photography or registration area to be responsible for having your arrangement photographed. 
  7. If you are entering a miniature into the exhibit, place it on the designated photography table for miniatures along with your identification card.  Mini’s will be photographed after all other arrangements have been photographed.  You do not have to wait until your mini is photographed.  
  8. Place your identification card(s) by your arrangement.
  9. Please understand that your arrangement may be moved to make a more aesthetic flow of the arrangements in total or to make from for other arrangements.  If your arrangement is moved, your equipment will not necessarily be moved.  Please remember where you put it.

Pre set times to bring in your arrangements 

  • Ikenobo –  8:00AM-10:00AM
  • Sogetsu –  10:30AM-12:30PM
  • Ohara will work in place from 10:00 to noon.