Exhibit Schedule

All Chapter  #160 Ikebana members:

If you are planning to put an arrangement into the exhibit, please register your arrangements with (TBD) for mini’s and your respective school sensei’s for full sized arrangements prior to Jan. 29.  It will be helpful to all exhibitors to read the Exhibitor Information page on this website.

Also, as you know many hands make light of work and we kindly request that everyone that is able to do so please work on a committee if they are putting an arrangement in the exhibit.  Click here to see a list of the committees and their chairman and contact one of them to put yourself on a committee.

The demonstration schedule is at the bottom of this page.

Date and TimeFunction or Activity
Wednesday, February 5
2:30 & 3:00 Set up Ginza & Exhibit area - All exhibit equipment and ginza items are delivered from storage facilities.
- Ginza is set up
Thursday, February 6
8:00AM-1:00PMRegistration table is open
8:00AM-9:00AMPhotography station is set up
8:30AMPhotography begins
8:00AM-10:00AMIkenobo designs are critiqued, photographed and placed
10:00AM-12:00NoonOhara designs are critiqued, photographed in place
10:30AM-12:30PMSogetsu designs are critiqued, photographed and placed
1:00PMAll designs have been critiqued, photographed and placed including tokonomas and pedestals
6:00PM-8:00PMAll members, spouses and paid guests are invited to preview party.
Friday, February 7
8:00AM-9AMGarden opens to members only
9:00AM-5:00PMExhibit open to public; demonstrators per schedule below
Saturday February 8
8:00AM-9:00AMGarden open to members only
9:00AM -4:40PMExhibit open to the public; demonstrations per schedule below
4:40PMMembers may remove arrangements; Take down committee packs up and returns to storage.

Ikebana Exhibit Demonstration Schedule

There will be four different schools (styles) of Ikebana demonstrated each day
Friday, Feb. 7Saturday, Feb. 8
11:00-11:45 - Sogetsu School by June Rickard11:00-11:45 - Sogetsu School by Carol Brocklesby
12:00-12:45 - Ikenobo School by Stephanie English12:00-12:45 - Kado Sensho Ikenobo by Margy Metzler
1:00-1:45 - Tea Ceremony by Margy Metzler - click here to read the Philosophy of Chado (tea ceremony)1:00-1:45 - Tea Ceremony by Margy Metzler - click here to read the Philosophy of Chado (tea ceremony)
2:00-2:45 - Kado Sensho Ikenobo by Margy Metzler - 2:00-2:45 - Ohara School by Kaoru Sweet
3:00-3:45 - Ohara by Kaoru Sweet3:00-3:45 - Ikenobo School by Marcia Norberg