Ikebana Containers by Kimiko Ikeda

Kimiko Ikeda from Englewood Florida will be selling many of her unique Ikebana containers at our luncheon. Below are a few examples of her work.

From 1970 to1986, Kimiko worked at designer and textile converter firms and design studios. As of 1987, Kimiko Ikeda Designs Brand were licensed in bedding fabric, wallpaper, dinnerwares, paper goods, journals, gift items, also other miscellaneous home furnishing products. They were sold through major retail stores such as JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot and Fortunoff. Some giftware products were carried by independent stores in Europe & Japan.

Now, Kimiko devotes her creativity to making ceramic sculptures and other three dimensional media using fabric, paper and wires. Many are containers for Ikebana designs.

Her website is also a great place to shop!