Serenity in Bloom

Annual Exhibit – February 5-6, 2021 – Naples Botanical Garden

This arrangement, created by xx, a member since xx and was selected to represent our 2021 Exhibit theme, Serenity in Bloom

We invite you to attend our exhibition hosted by Naples Ikebana International, the local chapter of Ikebana International.  You will witness experts and enthusiasts showcasing the natural beauty of flowers and other live materials in this unique art form that is over 500 years old!

The exhibit will be at the Naples Botanical Garden in Kapnick Hall-Chabraja Visitor Center. Our exhibit will have many floral arrangements using live materials, demonstrations of various styles of arranging ikebana, and a ginza where ikebana materials may be purchased.  This is a wonderful event for the entire family and your guests.

Entrance to the exhibit is free, but you will have to pay an entrance fee to the Naples Botanical Garden unless you are already a member of the Garden or Ikebana International #160.

  • Friday, Feb.5 – 8:00AM – 5:00PM or
  • Saturday, Feb.6 – 8:00AM- 4:40PM
  • Please enjoy our Ikebana Demonstrations  
    • During the exhibit, each of the schools of Ikebana (Ikenobo, Sensho Ikenobo, Ohara & Sogetsu) will be demonstrating arrangements from their school of Ikebana.    Click here for a demonstration schedule.

Click here for directions to the garden.  4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL  34112

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