Luncheon Committee Members

The following members are on the luncheon committee.  There are lots of additional jobs that need filling; please contact (who is contact) and volunteer!

Overall ChairmanJean Kerstetter
Lee Ann Burr
Cheryl Hardy
Demonstration ChairmanCarol Brocklesby
Reservations ChairmanGoldie Wetcher
Registration/Check Out/CashiersNeed 2 to check in and 3 to check out
Raffle Item ProcurementTBA
Raffle Ticket SellersTBD - Please contact
Silent Auction ChairmanKathleen Hawryluk
Silent Auction RunnersNeed 2-3 volunteers
Drink TicketsNeed 1-2 volunteers
Dinner for DemonstratorCarol Brocklesby
GreetersNeed 1-2
Invitations for websiteStephanie English
Table ArrangementsMarcia Connors
PublicityNaples Botanical Garden