Mar. 18, 2020 Special Luncheon

Rehka Reddy, (insert level) in the Ohara School of Ikebana will be our guest demonstrator this year.  Rehka has a very zen way of creating and demonstrating her favorite art form, Ohara Ikebana.  Rehka comes to us from Hyderabad India  This event is open to the public and we encourage guests.

Thursday, March 12, 2020 – Collier’s Reserve Country Club- click here for directions.

Click here for a registration form. Please no registrations before the November 13 meeting.  Please read our reservation and cancellation policy.

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Send your check for $(need amount) per person, sorry no cash, payable to I.I. #160, no later than March 5, 2020, along with your Registration form to Sudie Minameyer at her address which is listed in directory on the members only page. Her address is also on the registration form.

We have made it very easy for you to invite your friends. Below are two invites for you to download and attach to an email to invite anyone you would like to join your table for this special occasion.  One version has prices and the other one does not mention the prices.  Your choice!  Just click on the images below and the invite will appear.  Save the invitation of your choice to your desktop and then attach it to an email or print and mail it to your guests.

Invitation with no prices
Invitation with pricing

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