2020-2021 Programs & Events

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet in person for an indefinite period of time as our meeting location, Naples Botanical Garden, is not allowing meetings of any kind for the foreseeable future.

But fear not, we have an exciting array of flower arrangement and culture programs to enjoy this season via Zoom. You won’t want to miss out on them.

Through collaboration of the NCAR Ikebana Regional Advocates and the Ikebana Iwaya Fund, we are fortunate to have subscribed to a series of 10 videos featuring top ranked sensei and cultural presenters.

Ichiyo, Ikenobo, Ohara and Sogetsu schools will be featured as well as a video on making various items covered in washi and another providing the history of kimono.

We will be showing these videos on Wednesday mornings beginning at 9:30 with a short business meeting followed by a 45-60 minute video. If the AM is not a good time for you, we will be having an encore presentation of the video at 7PM on the same day!

  • For a detailed schedule of our meetings, click here.
  • If you want a copy of our 2020-21 programs for your gray binder, you can download and print one from this link.
  • This video is a short trailer of the NCAR Conference videos to whet your appetite. The schools of Ikenobo, Ichiyo, Ohara and Sogetsu are individually featured in these videos.
  • Four individual programs by NCAR sensei. Click here for a preview. There are also two cultural videos – one on Washi and one on Kimono.
  • Want to see all the things you can cover with washi – watch this.

Invite a guest to any meeting – please! We want to encourage people to join in our fun.

Anniversary Tea – Just to let you know, we will not be having our annual Anniversary Tea this year. We will find another way to recognize our anniversary in our December 2020 meeting.

Exhibit Plans – We have great news about the exhibit this year. We will have one, but it will be virtual. We will be featuring a select few arrangements representing our four ikebana schools in the exhibit hall of the Naples Botanical Garden. We also plan to show a video in the hall of all of the photos of your arrangements for our exhibit. Of course, we will share the video with all of you and we have a couple of other surprises planned to keep you inspired and engaged in our exhibit on a daily basis.

Please see this page for more details on our exhibit plans and how you can participate in this virtual adventure. We regret there will be no preview party in 2021.

Annual Luncheon – Finally, as you might expect, we are unable to host a luncheon this year. It is not possible to secure a demonstrator willing to travel and present to a group of 100+ people. It would be very difficult to honor social distancing and do what we all enjoy at this annual event. We will have a Sogetsu demonstrator in 2022.